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Get drinking with Untappd for iPhone.

Beer has been a favorite choice to drink and has been around for ages. Before, when you ask for a beer at a pub, they will give you one with no problems. Now, they will ask you various questions on what type of beer you want, flavors and the like.

With Untappd, you get to enjoy what your beer is all about but also discover new and different beers to try and enjoy. This app gives you the key to discover a rich assortment of craft beers to try, bars to visit, see what beers are popular, rate beers, get personalized recommendations, take and share photos and many more. You can even make a list of beers to try right in the app.

Enjoy your beer and more with Untappd for iPhone.  

There is nothing more enjoyable than an ice cold glass of beer with this app.

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