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About Undead Breakout

Move survivors to escape the zombies in Undead Breakout for iPhone.

The zombies are spreading fast and wide making escape almost impossible. Undead Breakout is a game where you must help the remaining human survivors escape from the zombie outbreak by using the pathways and thoroughfares in the ruins of Paris, New York and even a resort town.

Your goal is the escape points marked by a gold star. There are also safe houses to be used, fast paced music, different A.I. for each zombie type and more. Escape the zombies for $0.99.

The game is played and is set up like a board game by moving your pieces one at a time. Each zombie and survivor types has different characteristics that can impact the game in terms of their movement and speed. There are more than 36 missions with some to played incorporating police or soldiers who can help protect the survivors. 

Avoid the zombies in Undead Breakout for iPhone.

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