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UltraVNC is a downloadable Windows-based application that serves users as a powerful, easy to use, and best of all, free, software that is usable in accessing and displaying the screen of another computer in one’s own screen whether via internet or through a network.

Enabling app users to work on a remote computer from wherever location they might be, UltraVNC allows users to remotely control a different PC with the mouse and keyboard they are currently using. Provided with computer support, this application can enable users to access their computer from anywhere in the world and resolve help desk issues remotely.

Moreover, the software boasts of add-ons that save costumers from the tediousness of per-installing software or the need to execute complex procedures to get remote help desk support.

UltraVNC’s key features includes file transfers, video driver, optional encryption plug-ins. MS log-on, text chat, viewer toolbar, java viewer with file transfer, auto and server-side scaling, multiple-monitors support, proxy support, auto reconnection, good performances and many more.

Although UltraVNC is primarily Windows-based, the application has an embedded Java Viewer that allows users to connect, and make file transfers, from a simple Web Browser to any system supporting Java and that means interoperability of the UltraVNC server to both Linux and Mac OS.

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