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UltraDefrag is a defragmenter tool for Windows made by UltraDefrag. It is a simple system optimizer.

UltraDefrag disk defragmenter is an open source software with full support of system locked files defragmentation. The defrag process includes registry hives and paging file. Some of the features and functions of UltraDefrag are Boot Time Defragmentation where it provides defragging of any system files including hiberfil.sys and other locked system files or other applications when Windows is fully running.

It has an Auto-Shutdown Feature, as we all know the defrag process takes a long time to complete, so users often leave their computers to finish the defrag process. You can let the Auto-Shutdown feature to finish the defrag process and automatically shutdown your system. It also has a Fast Disk Optimization feature that rearranges all data and organizes them to the beginning of the drive.

Single File and Folder Defragmentation is also featured in UltraDefrag where you can select any file or folder to defrag. This feature is useful if you want to defrag a certain application or a game to make it faster. It also has a Defragment Scheduler, this feature comes in handy if you want your defrag process to start at a certain time.

UltraDefrag also features an Extended and Customizable graphical user interface. You can modify the fonts and its sizes and adapts to your Windows Theme.

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