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The Uber service is a gift to commuters and frustrated pedestrians everywhere, with fast, quality service that certainly beats all the taxi lines and waiting periods. The Uber app has gone through a lot of changes, and is now much more reliable while remaining elegant and easy to use.
Book a reliable ride and get on the road in minutes with the Uber app for iPhone.

With Uber, you can call for a personal vehicle to pick you up from wherever you are. The service lets you book a variety of different ride classes, from low-cost to super premium, with no reservations and waiting periods.

Uber makes use of the location and navigation capabilities of smartphones to send a car to your exact location, bring you to your destination without having to give directions, and allow you to share your current trip status with other people.

At the end of your trip, Uber charges your PayPal or Apple Pay, credit card or debit card, making for a quick, hassle-free transaction that will have you out of your car seconds after you get to your destination, without having to fumble for cash and change.

You can even rate your driver.

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