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The Uber service is a gift to commuters and frustrated pedestrians everywhere, with fast, quality service that certainly beats all the taxi lines and waiting periods. The Uber app has gone through a lot of changes, and is now much more reliable while remaining elegant and easy to use. Some strange issues persist - a funky surge timer and exorbitant surge rates can be annoying - but the app as a whole and general rule is far better than most taxis out there.
Get moving safer, faster, and more conveniently with Uber app for Android.

Uber allows you to call a personal vehicle to pick you up from wherever you are, without having to wait in line or make a reservation, and letting you go wherever you need.

The service allows you to choose from different ride classes that fit any preference or need, from cheap but high-quality rides to top-tier premium vehicles and service, with no reservations and waiting periods. You also get the option of larger cars if you need to move around a lot of people.

Uber uses your smartphone's GPS and network connection to send a car to your exact location, which will then take you to your exact destination without you needing to give or ask for directions, and allow you to share your current location and trip status to others.

Payment with Uber needs no cash - you can use a PayPal account, or credit card or debit card, making for a quick, hassle-free transaction that will have you out of your car seconds after you get to your destination, without having to fumble for cash and change. In some cities, you have the option of paying in cash if you need to.

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