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UVK - Ultra Virus Killer's hyperbolic name seems to connote a software suite that scans for and eliminates viruses from your PC. The reality is a little more mundane - UVK is a suite of tools that does, as a part of its functions, scan for malware, but more importantly it can help undo damage that malware has caused. The app can repair system files, fix startup applications, manage processes and the registry, and far more. This app is definitely for power users, and less-experienced users should probably shy away from this one.
UVK - Ultra Virus Killer is a complete anti-malware toolkit that features a whole host of services and tools centered around scanning for viruses and monitoring malicious activity on your PC.

UVK - Ultra Virus Killer comes with a process manager geared towards malware deletion, a System Repair tool that resets system files and settings typically modified by malware, a registry protection tool, startup manager, and far more, all with a dizzying level of power afforded to users.

This software acts as a complete tool for repairing damage caused by malware, or seeking it out manually and deleting it after primary antivirus software has failed. The application provides access to every tool from a single menu of options, with the same level of customization and power for each tool.

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