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The incredible functionality of USB Network Gate seems to scream "EXTENSIVE CONFIGURATION NEEDED!" but amazingly, the software works pretty much out of the box after you get the IP and ports set up. It works with a huge variety of USB devices - possibly all even, with the necessary drivers - and can even password-protect access to each from the host device. An amazing solution to a problem you might not have thought you had.
Easily connect to remote USB devices over a network or even the Internet with USB Network Gate for Windows.

USB Network Gate
allows you to access a USB device over LAN, WAN, and the Internet using a virtual USB hub, making it just as good as if the device were directly plugged into your PC's USB port.

USB Network Gate supports most USB devices, including peripherals like printers, web cams, USB Hard drives, USB speakers, card readers, and more. It also works across platforms, so you can share a USB device attached to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, and it will work with other USB Network Gate-equipped computers as well.

With USB Network Gate, you can also share a device with multiple computers on a network, use USB devices over RDP remote sessions, and even connect VMs and blade servers to USB devices. The software works with Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

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