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With lack of cohesiveness in formatting, no direct links to important information, and other small but relevant details that showed a relative lack of attention, the UEFA EURO 2016 app wasn't at all the best way to experience the UEFA European Championship. However, its MatchCentre feature was a standout way of accompanying one's viewing experience, so for this alone it earns a recommendation, with the note that for better news, other apps should probably be used instead.
Witness the best of Europe playing the "beautiful game" with UEFA EURO 2016 Official App for the iPhone.

With 24 teams playing in 10 stadiums in 10 cities around host country France, the 2016 UEFA Euro Championship is one of the biggest and most prestigious sports tournaments in Europe. Stay on top of all the action with the UEFA EURO 2016 Official App.

Euro 2016 takes you from the opening game all the way to the finals, along with everything that comes in between. Get to know more about the teams, the players, standings, matches, fixtures and more that are coming together in the UEFA EURO 2016.

You can also follow your favorite team with this app, as well as use MatchCentre to get a second-screen experience when watching the game, complete with official statistics, videos, audio and many more.

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