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About U.D.I.Y.

Install appliances with U.D.I.Y. for iPhone.

People buy a lot of appliances and since they are usually really big, they have it delivered and installed in their homes by experts. You are that expert in U.D.I.Y. for iPhone.

In this game, your goal is to deliver and install appliances to various customers around the city with efficiency and precision. You will be scored on how fast you deliver and install the appliances without making any mistakes or less of it.

It sounds easy but wait until you have made your first delivery as you must do it over and over gain until the time says 5PM. The game features 3 gameplay styles, cartoon graphics and animations and more.

You can also compete against other players from around the world through Leaderboards.

Start on the deliveries in U.D.I.Y. for iPhone.

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