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About Typochondria

The game that turns you into a grammar hunter is Typochondria for iPhone.

A game that focus on the words being typed and finding any faults to it is Typochondria for iPhone.

Hunt for words that are wrong in their spelling and more. In this game, you play as a book editor who is too good in his mission to spot the mistakes and fixing all the word problems from random sentences and typos.

This game features various game modes that will each test your skills as a typo finder. There are also 4 different book genres to sink your teeth into in Romance, Crime, Sci-Fi and Non romance. Each genre have their own sentence structures, ridiculous generated sentences and unique vocabulary.

It is not only you who have found the challenge of finding the spelling mistakes as you compete against other people from around the world.

There are no ads or premium currencies to be used in this game.

Find the misspellings in Typochondria for iPhone.

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