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Twitter's official app on Android is a breeze to use, with tweeting, DMing, and browsing all done from the same interface. The notification panel is highly customizable, so you can choose only the kinds of alerts that you want to receive, which is another big plus over many other social networking apps. Being able to manage multiple accounts at once is another useful feature for social media road warriors, almost allowing the mobile app to be a fully-featured social media management tool, and unlike other apps and social networking services, you don't have to log out of one to log in to the other. Overall, official is sometimes among the best, and with Twitter, this is the case.
Twitter for Android is the official app for accessing the Twitter social networking service.

With the Twitter Android app, you get all functionality of accessing the social networking site from a browser, but refined into a lightweight, easy-to-use interface on mobile. From the app, you can tweet, browse friends and followed accounts' tweets, and send direct messages to others. You can also view images, videos, GIFs, Moments, and more, all in the app.

The app also includes a home screen widget which allows you to stay updated on tweets and instantly tweet, right from the home screen. You can also view someone’s tweet location in Google Maps and quickly share links, photos, and videos from their device.

Twitter has a highly customizable notification system that lets users receive instant updates about their tweets, their favorite contacts' tweets, emergency alerts, and more. Individual notifications can be filtered and deactivated as the user desires.

Twitter also allows users to sign into multiple Twitter accounts at once, and allows for each account to be managed independently, complete with separate notifications, messages, and other personalized data.

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