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About Twinfold

Merge the idols in Twinfold for iPhone.

Merging icons masquerading as idols may be simple enough but not the way Twinfold is.

This game makes you think as you collect more gold as you fend off enemies by merging the golden idols and squashing the faces right in your iPhone just with a few swipes of your finger. There is not much you must do in the game just make sure that once you enter into the duplicity of duplication in the game, you better emerge as the winner.

There are game changing abilities to be earned as well in the game. This game features procedurally generated micro puzzles, a thought bending strategic gameplay, over 40 skills to learn, 7 enemy types to face, infinite replayability, Haptic feedback, 9 bullet points, 7 achievements and 4 leaderboard in the Game Center.

The idols need to be merged in this game.

Get this game for $2.99.

All the golden idols to merge in Twinfold for iPhone.   

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