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TweetDeck is a free Twitter program developed by TweetDeck for Mac, Windows and Linux-based PCs that allows users to view and read their Twitter Feeds in an organized and more coherent manner.

This program collates Twitter information into different categories such as All Tweets, Direct Messages, Replies and many others. Users can customize the panels into any category they want depending on their preference.

With TweetDeck, users can view and follow only the tweets that interest them.  It also allows users to easily follow or unfollow a group, reply, send direct message and retweet. In addition, the program allows users to upload images and edit or translate messages.

It also features customization options accessible via the Settings window. Users can choose the color, fonts as well as the location of specific tools within the program.

Overall, TweetDeck is a very useful tool for busy people who want to keep their social lives active with less hassle.

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