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Bring online privacy closer to you with TunnelBear.

An open internet benefits everyone as the internet is one of those places where freedom and expressions can roam free. It is also one place where everything goes freely with nothing watching your every move. But there are some that wants the internet restrained and that there are attempts already to watch over your movements over the internet. Thus, VPNs or virtual private networks is a must have in  your computer.

is a VPN that brings online privacy to all. It is easy to use and safe to use. It can protect you while your are surfing the internet from hackers, ISPs and anyone-else who are monitoring your surfing habits and sites. You can use this especially when you are using public WiFi and other untrusted networks you are unfortunately using. The app does not log your activities so you can be assured of it remaining private.

The app is fast, can be used with just a single click and be used in over more than 20 countries.

An open internet where there is nothing or anyone watching your internet activities with TunnelBear.
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