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Tune in to any muted TV with Tunity for iPhone.

When in a sports bar, most often the volume is muted in the TV. If you want to listen to the muted live TV, you can do so with Tunity for iPhone.

With this app, you can hear any TV, muted or not, just by having the app scan the screen for a few seconds. After that, just whip out your Airpods or earphones and start enjoying your live TV experience at the bar. This app can locate the channel and stream its audio not just from your headphones but also in your Bluetooth speakers.

It is not just at the bar you can use this app but any place there is a muted TV and not disturb other people like at the gym, hospital, airport, waiting areas, at the dorm and more. The hearing impaired can also use this app.

Hear the TV with Tunity for iPhone. 

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