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Modernise your island nation in Tropico for iPad.

As the leader of the proud nation of Tropico, it is your duty, your mission and your goal to bring an underdeveloped Caribbean island with enormous potential and untapped resources to the age of modernisation in Tropico, a funny city builder with a political twist right in your iPad.

You must develop every part of your island ranging from roads, buildings, the military, foreign policies, trade and people. You are the one to decide to mold your island to your liking like turning it to a tourist paradise, a police state, industrial powerhouse or a combination of all three. 

This game is optimized for mobile with an intuitive touch interface and game mechanics.

There is also a bit of politics to be played in this game like recounting elections, calm various elements, manage public opinion and more.

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Lead your island in Tropico for iPad.

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