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Play spy and deceive others in Triple Agent for Android.

A game about being a spy and working on your deception skills is Triple Agent for Android.

A party game where the fun resides on hidden identities, bluffing, backstabbing and deduction. You can play this game on a single Android device and have 5 or more players on it. Each game can last up to 10 minutes.

There are 12 operations that can be mixed and matched. Each player in the game plays a role of either a double agent of a Service agent. Only the double agents know who is who in which team. But there would be fewer double agents than others so it is their job to turn the Service agents to their fold. Just pass around the device and get the information you need. There are random sets of operations so each game is different and fresh.

As a Service agent, you must do everything not to reveal who you really are and divulge info that the double agent might use against you. At the end of the game, the players will vote on who to send to prison. If a double agent is in prison, the Service wins or otherwise the double agent wins.

Spying takes a turn in Triple Agent for Android.

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