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About Trip & Toll Calculator

Get help in computing for toll and gas expenses through your Android with Trip & Toll Calculator.

Trip & Toll Calculator is a free app for Android which allows you to plan ahead in calculating the toll & fuel expenses when going on a trip.

The app is very easy to use, just first enter the required info on the app such as your origin and your destination, routes to take, gas prizes, etc. and the app will perform the pertinent calculations for you, through these perhaps you can take away some savings and some precious time.

The app supports cars, trucks (up to 6 axles), RV, bus, motorcycle, trailer, HCM, EME, with three payment options to choose, toll locations, share and save routes, and is available for all US, Canada, India toll roads, turnpikes, bridges, tunnels & tollways.

Download the Trip & Toll Calculator and calculate ahead of time the toll expenses.

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