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Navigate your city with Transit for Android.

Every city has a public transportation system that can either be described as the best or the worse. Nevertheless, it is the cheapest option to get through around the city. Transit help you navigate the public transport system in your city as your real time urban travel companion right in your Android device.

You can travel with confidence as this app features real time predictions that are accurate, step by step navigation, service disruption notifications, departure and stop refiners, trip planning and more. You can also view, even offline, schedules and route itineraries.

And if you don't to travel by vehicle or by train, the app also features bike sharing stations where you can pay for passes, unlock bikes and see the number of bikes available. You can also use the app to book an Uber and any other car sharing vehicles in your area.

The app supports more than 125 cities from around the world.

Go around the city with Transit for Android.

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