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About Touchgrind HD

Illusion Labs’ Touchgrind HD is a paid fingerboard simulation for the iPad that does its best to look and feel like the real thing.

Players will use their fingers on the touch screen as they move their fingerboard around a simulated street course. The larger screen of the iPad has its advantages over the iPhone version because the player will be able to see more of the play area to perform tricks and avoid obstacles.

The Warm Up game mode is the practice mode and a good way to get used to how the game plays. Jam Session mode enables the player to formulate his or her best fingerboard trick which will be scored according to moves and difficulty.

Finally, Competition Mode challenges the player to run a 2-minute street course where times and scores are compared to the game’s leaderboard. There is a split screen multiplayer mode, but the halved screen will decrease visibility.

Touchgrind HD can be purchased for $7.99.

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