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About Torch Browser

Do more with a web browser with Torch Browser.

In order to surf the internet, you need to use a web browser. And most of them offer the same services as they all will take you to your favorite websites, social media, entertainment and more.

Torch Browser
fires up your internet experience and brings more than web browsing with features such as being able to download audio and videos thanks to its integrated Media Grabber. Thus, there is no need for plugins or any other external program. It also has a built in torrent manager.

The app also has a built in media player that you can use to play your torrents even when it is still partially downloading. Its music player lets you listen to your favorite tunes with no need to switch between apps or tabs.

There are also games to be played at the browser itself and that there is no downloading or signing in needed. That is perfect for those times when your internet is not cooperating with you.

Facebook also gets a bit of a facelift with this browser, drag and drop files and many more. If you do a lot of downloading, the browser also has a built in Download Accelerator that can speed up your downloads super fast.

Enjoy using a web browser that seems to do it all with Torch Browser. 

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