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As far as interface and browsing features are concerned, Tor is nothing special. But extensive privacy features, and the robust Tor network that can bypass network blocks, firewalls, and location-based blocking on websites, on top of offering complete anonymization, make everything more than worth it.
Tor Browser is a free browser that lets you protect your online identity and maintain anonymity of your traffic while browsing.

Tor Browser makes it possible for you to maintain privacy and from online threats via "onion routing."

This routing technique encrypts your data and then bounces it across the Tor network of computers, rather than connecting you directly to your destination. The result is anonymized internet traffic, and protection of your identity.

Tor Browser also lets you access blocked websites, as it prevents them from learning where your location is. It also prevents anyone from spying on your Internet traffic. The browser itself automatically deletes cookies and browsing history.

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