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Often inaccurate, and lacking a rather essential offline mode, Toilet Finder at least has a huge community behind it, which ensures that updates are pushed quickly when required. The app itself is simple enough, not quite attractive but usable, though quick links to directions via Google Maps would have been nice.
Quickly find the nearest toilet in your area with Toilet Finder for the Android.

Toilet Finder helps you locate and find the nearest toilet in your area through the help of hundreds of thousands of contributors who also use the app.

The app features a database of over 150,000 listed facilities around the world, vetted by users of Toilet Finder. You can add toilets that you've found but are unlisted, and rate and update them with information as needed. You can also mark toilets as "does not exist" if you find a bad or outdated entry.

Aside from regular toilets, you can also find toilets that are accessible to the handicapped, as well as those that have been rated 5 stars by the community, ensuring that you get exactly the toilet experience you're looking for.

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