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Todoist's ridiculous sum of features and collaborative capabilities look like a recipe for clutter on a mobile device, but somehow it remains easy to use and elegant no matter what you're trying to do. With or without a premium subscription, Todoist boasts excellent value and provides you with a new way of organizing your life without having to reinvent the wheel or force a steep learning curve.
Organize your life's activities with Todoist for your iPhone.

Todoist provides you with a simple and elegant to-do list and task manager that allow you to organize your life in a truly intuitive fashion.

The app lets you manage your tasks wherever you are or whatever device you're using, letting you add, complete, reschedule, or otherwise edit your tasks across your PC, tablet, smartphone, watch, and more, even while offline - the app will sync everything automatically 24/7 as soon as it gets online.

The app provides due dates, recurring deadlines and more in a natural language manner that's easy to read. It also lets you organize your to-dos for the next day and the coming week. It also allows for powerful organization of tasks, complete with subprojects and subtasks that are color-coded, as well as priority levels. You can also track your productivity with visualized graphs for projects with Todoist Karma.

Todoist comes with collaboration features that can let you share projects and assign tasks right from within the app. It also integrates with Google Drive, Sunrise Calendar, and a variety of other apps to help you unify your organization tools.

Todoist is free, with a Premium subscription unlocking more features like push notifications, attaching photos, files, and other multimedia to tasks, and more robust Todoist Karma features, among many others.

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