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Toca Blocks makes world-building fun and easy for any age, and even gives players the opportunity to explore and be creative about things. The game manages to be charming and engaging enough to keep kids busy with the world, while still enabling the expression of creativity due to a lack of rules, pressure, or stress. It's not as deep as other world-building games, though, and it lacks a lot of content besides the building and exploration.
Build an entire world in your iPhone with Toca Blocks.

Toca Blocks lets you create your own infinite world by using a variety of different blocks. The game begins by having you build a house and its furniture, make trees, and plant gardens. Later in the game, you'll go on to create incredible things like spaceships and a train - what you make is completely up to you.

Everything you build is possible through the use of blocks of different materials. Each material has its own characteristics, and can be combined with others to form new materials. Every combination of blocks that you discover can get you new materials, each with their own unique attributes that you will discover - some are bouncy, others sticky, and still others transform into objects that you can use to decorate your world. You'll also get to use 50 items to help you build, and use a pencil tool to create a large chunk of blocks at once.

You'll encounter different heroes along the way as you explore the world. These heroes will help you along your adventure with their different powers such as flight, smashing, and climbing.

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