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Toca Blocks makes world-building fun and easy for kids, and even gives them the opportunity to explore and be creative about things. None of this is any easy feat given the low attention span of your average child, but the game manages to be charming and engaging enough to keep them busy with the world. Toca Blocks lacks the depth of other world-building games, and it doesn't have much content besides the building, but the core mechanic works very well.
Build your own incredible world made of blocks right in your Android phone with Toca Blocks.

Toca Blocks  lets you create and explore your own infinite world by using different combinations of blocks. The game starts you off with an empty world, and you start changing the landscape by  building a house and its furniture, making trees and gardens, and much more. You'll later on graduate to building incredible things like spaceships and a train - you're only be limited by your imagination.

All this is done through the use of different blocks composed of various materials. Combining two different blocks will give you new forms and structures with which to build your objects. Every combination of blocks may get you new materials each with their own unique attributes that you will discover as you create them - some are bouncy while others are sticky, and still others transform into objects that you can use to decorate your world. You can also change the color and texture of other blocks.

As you build, explore the world and meet the different heroes, who will help you on your adventure  with their different powers such as flight, smashing, and climbing - skills that will allow you to go even further in your world.

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