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Go back in the dreams in To the Moon for Android.

Giving people a 2nd chance to live for a price in To the Moon for Android. Dreams are what people aspire to be or do in the future. It may or may not happen but in this game, those dreams are fulfilled by 2 doctors. However, there is a price for this as it can only be done on the dying, those whose lives are coming to an end. These patients get to experience their dreams to life as they draw their last breath. This game focuses on the 2 doctors attempting to fulfill the dream of an old man and his dream of going to the moon.

It is a non combat game and a mix of classic RPG and adventure as you comb through his memories looking for clues on the dying man's brain in order to go to the moon. There is zero filler in this game as well as no time drains.

Fulfill the last wish and dreams of the dead in To the Moon for Android.

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