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This powerful tool allows you to do a comprehensive backup of your data, apps, settings. You can also automate your backup schedules, selectively backup items, and then move your backup data to an SD card, it also features extras, such as an app uninstaller that allows you to purge bloatware forced onto your system by your telco or manufacturer and strip your system down to bare essentials.
Titanium Backup Root is a free device utility app that manages to back-up all the phone applications and settings on rooted Android devices.

Thoroughly fidgeting Android phone settings and testing a lot of applications make it prone to irreversible errors and bugs. Titanium Backup root delivers users a good retrieval solution, so in case of trouble they can simply revert it. This spares users from hours of re-installing and re-configuring all their apps and settings.

Most buck-up apps only cover parts like apps, SMS, and links. Titanium Back-up on the other hand, can back up the settings for devices that have root access.

Titanium Backup is designed to work on any rooted Android device. Android OS versions from 1.5 to 2.2 are tested and supported.

WARNING: don't try this apps unless you know what you're doing. Installing this app could lead to your phone becoming inoperable.

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