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For Tiny Calendar, "simple" doesn't mean "dumbed down," and in following this philosophy, it provides many features over stock calendar apps while preserving the minimalism and simplicity of design for which these apps are so well-known. With real-time push notifications, multiple date views, and some of the most intelligent smart gestures seen in a calendar app, Tiny Calendar is absolutely a great recommendation for any heavy planner.
Get a smarter calendar on your iPhone with Tiny Calendar.

Tiny Calendar
gives you the simple interface of Google Calendar and the stock iOS calendar, but makes the app even more robust and powerful without sacrificing simplicity. Creating events and revisiting your schedule has never been easier to do.

Tiny Calendar
provides a variety of gestures and drag and drop support, coupled with predictive smart methods, to make creating and editing events faster and more intuitive than ever. It also gives no less than 8 separate ways to view your calendar, making it easy to find a time you want, or to get exactly the kind of overview of your schedule that you need. You'll also get push notifications and even email for any and all events you desire.

Tiny Calendar
has real-time syncing of your events with Google Calendar and the iOS stock calendar, as well as iCloud, Exchange, and other calendars. It also works offline, caching the changes you make for synchronization when you go back online.

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