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About TinEye Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search on your browser with TinEye Reverse Image Search for Chrome.

Reverse image is all about finding out where a particular picture came from, looking for the same image in a higher resolution, websites where the image came from, who owns the photo and more.

TinEye Reverse Image Search
as it easier for you to do a reverse image search right in your browser.

Instead of using watermarks, metadata pr keywords, this extension searches for images using omage identification technology. It is also the first search engine to do so as well. When you have an image top be searched, this extension makes a compact and unique digital signature or 'fingerprint' and this is used to compare other images in order to find an exact match including those that are edited, resized or cropped.

The add on adds millions of images in its database on a weekly basis.

Image search in your browser with TinEye Reverse Image Search for Chrome.

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