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About TimmyMe™

TimmyMe™ is a downloadable application, designed to function for the mobile BlackBerry device, which serves users as functional utility in finding the nearest Tim Hortons café in their location.

Specializing in coffees and pastries, Tim Hortons cafés can be found using TimmyMe™’s integrated use of the device’s built-in GPS functions. The application displays the nearest Tim Horton franchise locations in North America and even adds help on how to actually get there.

TimmyMe™ features include an automatic detection for its user’s current location that enables easy provision of nearby restaurant information and addresses. The app also provides a graphically detailed map of the users selected location as well as a coupled data information that contains the most current restaurant infos. Moreover, the software shows stores that has drive-thru facilities and even provides a notepad for which to save one’s, as well as friends, orders.

TimmyMe™ is available for download as a freeware.

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