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TileCreator has come a long way from its roots as a simple project. The interface now includes tools for setting shortcut parameters, and overall is more intuitive to use. It still requires the Proxy software to be installed, and opening apps incurs the opening of a Universal app, but it's getting to be a great Start menu customization tool on desktop, similar to Windows Phone apps like #TileArt.
Customize your Windows 10 Start Screen tiles with TileCreator.

TileCreator affords you an additional layer of customization options for your Start screen, giving you customizable tiles that can have user-selectable images or background colors.

The app gives you the option to resize your tiles, change their backgrounds, set their colors, and of course program them to open apps of your choosing. TileCreator also supports Large and Wide tiles, importing and exporting of tiles, and can be used to open programs along with arguments just like regular shortcuts.

TileCreator requires TileCreator Proxy to be downloaded in order for the custom tiles to work.

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