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Rise up from a broken system in Ticket to Earth for iPhone.

From a distant planet, a mining colony is on the brink of dying and that there is one Earthbound ship remaining for survivors. However, it seems that there is a conspiracy that needs to be stopped and exposed in Ticket to Earth for your iPhone. This is an independent game that is a hybrid of RPG and puzzle. There is a deadly conspiracy that needs to be stopped and while everyone else is trying to escape a bleak end, you must join the fight and stand up in this game of insurrection and betrayal. This is a quick play, mission based game where there are factions to join and in these factions, different stories are told.

The game is made up of four episodes. These episodes are unlocked and delivered to your device at no additional cost. You can get this game for $3.99.

Keeping the peace in the land and stopping the conspiracy from breaking in Ticket to Earth for iPhone.

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