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About Thumper: Pocket Edition

There is violence to the music you play in Thumper: Pocket Edition for iPhone.

Be brave as you take to the beats a rhythm game clashed with action and speed in Thumper: Pocket Edition for iPhone.

In this game, you must confront a giant head that doesn't seem too fond of you and in order to defeat him, you must conquer rhythm hell using the beats of music. You can play all 9 levels using just one hands as you feel every impact of the beats being made. The game features 60 fps gameplay for both portrait and landscape mode, psychedelic visuals,  PLAY + mode, boss battles and more. It also has iCloud sync.

This game is best played with headphones on.

Get this game for $4.99.

Expect the beats in Thumper: Pocket Edition for iPhone.

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