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Bring security to your messages with Threema for iPhone.

Technology today may make our lives easier but it also has left doors open susceptible and vulnerable to attacks from the likes of hackers and maybe even governments and companies can get inside your emails and social media accounts. don't just feel safe with your messages but really be safe with Threema.

Rest assured that your messages are really safe and secure and private with encrypted messaging that is End to End and stretches out not just to your messages but also to your media files, group chat and even status messages.

Your messages will be seen only to those you have send it and that not even the developers have access to it. The app also uses the open source NaCI cryptography library fro encrypting your files. The keys are generated and stored on your phone instead to prevent copies and backdoor access.

Being safe doesn't mean you cannot have fun using this app. This app also features voice messaging, share PDFs, GIFs, Mp3s, ZIP files and more, choose over 2 themes, make polls, silently reply to messages and more.

Get this app for $2.99.

Secure messaging with Threema for iPhone.  

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