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Be the law in This Is the Police 2 for iPhone.

As the young sheriff of a border town riddled with violence despite its cold, harsh weather, you play as Sheriff Lilly Reed to keep the peace in This Is the Police 2 for iPhone.

However, thee town is filled with all sorts of troublemakers that call your town theirs. Take back your town by teaming up with fugitive criminal Jack Boyd in an attempt to clean up the streets. You must juggle your responsibilities of managing the Sheriff department and its people.

When it comes to combat, the game becomes a turn based combat mode. You must set up a team of cops, plan your attacks and attempt to arrest your suspects using non lethal means if necessary. You must also solve crimes bu collecting evidence, interrogating suspects, studying case materials and sending the criminals to court.

Clean up your town in this game.

Get this game for $6.99.

Bring back justice and peace in your town in This Is the Police 2 for iPhone.

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