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About Think Dirty – Shop Clean

Learn about what goes into your makeup with Think Dirty – Shop Clean for iPhone.

Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians of using copper and lead ore for makeup to the scientifically advanced products of modern makeup today, makeup has been a part of women and even men's beauty regimen.

And like many thing you use for your body, do you know what is exactly in your makeup? If not, Think Dirty – Shop Clean is the app to use.

You get to learn about the many components as well as potential toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and other skin care products. This app allows you to compare products as you shop, scan the barcode to know about the item in an easy to understand format, more than 550,000 products in the database, a Dirty Meter rating system and more.

You can also use this app to know which products you have already in your bathroom.

An independent source of knowing your makeup is Think Dirty – Shop Clean for iPhone. 

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