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About Thimbleweed Park

Play a fun mystery adventure game on your iPhone with Thimbleweed Park.

Thimbleweed Park is a paid game app that lets you play as the five characters of the game with each one having their own circumstances, characteristics and attitudes in the game.

You will have to try to solve the murder and understand the dynamics of the people living on the small town. The people seems that they have nothing in common but you will have to discover if this is true, and explore the vast town, its people, its enigmatic locations and its secrets. Hopefully by the end of your adventures, you'll uncover the truth and get answers to all of your questions.

The game features 5 playable characters, 1980's style telephone hint lines, lots of puzzles to solve that is connected to the storyline, a vast bizarre world to explore, with casual & hard modes of gameplay coupled with varied difficulties, and jokes in every 2 minutes.

Download the Thimbleweed Park for $9.99 and solve the mystery of the town.

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