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About Thermomix Cookidoo

Get the recipes you need to cook for your Thermomix with Thermomix Cookidoo for iPhone.

For decades, the Thermomix have revolutionized and made life simpler in the kitchen with a device that can almost do all the prep and cooking that you need for that wonderful dinner with your family or feast with friends.

It claims to be the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today and without rival to boot. It is like having a second pair of hands as you move around the kitchen, one with professional skills to bot.

Thermomix Cookidoo
is a companion app that features thousands of recipes that you can do on your Thermomix device.

You just pick and choose which recipes you want and no matter what the occasion or season it is, this app have the recipes for it. There is also a recipe planner, can create your own recipe list, bookmark your favorite and that it is also possible to send a recipe from your phone to your Thermomix.

The app also features weekly suggestions, editor picks and thematic pages.

Get what you want to cook with Thermomix Cookidoo for iPhone.

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