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About The VideoKid

You have one life to survive the game in The VideoKid for iPhone.

In most video games, you have a set number of lives that you must be aware of. And the game gets harder as you lose a life. The VideoKid is that kind of game where you have just one life and a whole of things to do right in your iPhone.

Test your skills as you have just really one life as you try to reach your gf, Jessica, and beat the game while surviving a hundred ways to die. Set in a retro 1980s neighborhood, do sick tricks and do combos, avoid the cops and just do anything to stay alive to deliver your video and get your girl.

You can skate, grind and hitch your way with music written by DJ Savant and immerse yourself in an old school and retro runner.

Everything you know and love about the 1980s, it is here in this game.

Its the 80s again in The VideoKid for iPhone.

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