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Be motivated to do household chores with The TeamTOMM App for iPhone.

Doing household chores is important as you need to live in a clean house, wear clean clothes, use clean plates, wash and bathe in a clean bathroom and more. However, doing them means spending a lot of time and when you are done, leaves you tired to do anything else.

Organize the way you do house work and be motivated to do them with The TeamTOMM App for iPhone.

This app uses a simple yet effective method of doing those dreaded chores 30 minutes at a time. With this app, you can customize it top fit your lifestyle, have daily cleaning playlists, get motivated thanks to the "Motivate Me" button and more. There are also recipes and meal plans for those who are lazy enough to spend time in the kitchen. You can even share this app and the chores with your family as well.

There is also access to the Facebook page for more cleaning tips and support.

Get this app for $4.99.

Do your chores around the house with The TeamTOMM App for iPhone. 

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