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Play an immersive & intriguing first person puzzle game on your Android with The Talos Principle (Full).

The Talos Principle (Full) is a paid game where you will have to solve a puzzling mystery where you find yourself in a contradicting environment of ancient ruins and advanced technology, in an authentic take on traditional and philosophical science fiction story telling and puzzle gaming.
You find yourself in strange world with contradicting scenario as both worlds collide with ancient ruins and advanced technology existing together, then you are tasked to solve a series of increasingly complex puzzles, but you have puzzle on your own that needs answering as to who are you? and what is your purpose?

There are hundreds of puzzles to solve, interact with your surroundings, find your way out, and choose your own path, just remember choices have consequences.

Download the The Talos Principle (Full) and ask the difficult questions and try to answer them.

NOTE: this version has the complete set of the episodes.

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