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About The Last Vikings

Play a viking adventure game on your Android with The Last Vikings.

The Last Vikings is a free game for Android which is an arcade old school graphics art viking adventure game that lets you try to bring back the lost glory of the vikings once again.

They say that the Viking population is dwindling, you set out to bring back the long lost Viking traditions and Viking pride by going on raids on the local villages. You will have to sail your boat into the various communities and raid their villages for loot and treasures. You'll also get some men to believe in your cause and thus they will join you in your adventures.

Plus, you may get lucky and get a powerful hero into your fold. Equip your troops with weapons, shields and armor, and try to constantly upgrade your ship to make it faster and stronger against attacks. Moreover, while traveling on the sea, you may get attacked with huge monsters which you can try to slay for greater rewards.

Download the The Last Vikings and sail the seas in search of adventures and to raid villages for loot.

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