Download The Google Assistant 1.0.609 for iPhone OS

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About The Google Assistant

The assistant you need is now in your iPhone in The Google Assistant.

The mobile butler that has everyone buzzing in now ready to take your commands and do some of the work for you is The Google Assistant. It is much friendlier and smarter that the one preinstalled in your iPhone. You can send emails, call friends, listen to music, navigate to different places with just commands coming from your voice. As with its popular namesake, Google, you can ask just about anything and get smart responses and answers quick and plentiful. You can even use this app to control your smart home and help you manage your day and schedule.

The app is also superior when it comes to translating languages, remembering context clues and makes less mistakes than other virtual assistants, preinstalled or not.

A smarter and more effective virtual assistant is The Google Assistant for iPhone.  

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