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GIMP's amazing feature set and even more amazing customizability and wide availability of feature-adding plugins would have made it a strong competitor to Photoshop if it had a large price tag. But with the zero cost of using GIMP, it's practically an essential second option that any graphic designer should consider as an alternative, or at least have installed alongside Photoshop for a second opinion if needed.
Get a customizable, modular image editor absolutely free with GIMP.

GIMP is a cross-platform open-source image editing solution that provides a huge selection of tools that would typically be found in commercial software.

GIMP features high-quality image manipulation tools such as distortion correction and channel mixing. It comes with layer support as well as individual channel adjustments, transformation tools that allow users to rotate, scale, and flip, selection tools, and many more. It also allows for the creation of digital art by providing a collection of painting tools, such as airbrush, pencil, and more. Custom brushes can also be used.

One standout feature of GIMP is its extensive customizability and modularity. The app's interface can be fully tweaked to users' likings and needs, with everything from themes and toolbar positions to customized tool sets and docking modules. In addition, even the features of GIMP can be added to, through the use of downloadable modular plugins that can extend the functionality of the software.

Over 100 plugins are currently available.

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