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About The Gardens Between

Journey through memories of friendship between friends in The Gardens Between for iPhone.

Witness two friends as they they explore the deep meaning of their friendship starting from their childhood in The Gardens Between for iPhone.

These friends, Arina and Frendt, are in dreamlike island gardens that feature objects from their childhood. From there, thus begins an emotional journey of their friendship, exploring all the memories and what must remain and let go. There are puzzles to solve in order to reach the apex of each isle. Each puzzle requires a bit of manipulation of time, lighting the constellations and more.

There are more than 20 islands to explore, play in single player, ambient soundtrack and that there is no time pressure, no text, no speech and no complex UI to deal with.

You can play this game in widescreen landscape and tall portrait view.

Get this game for $4.99.

It is all about the journey of friendship in The Gardens Between for iPhone.

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