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Humanity is at stake in The Frankenstein Wars for iPhone.

Two brothers have long guarded a fearsome secret: the secret of Victor Frankenstein's resurrection technology. Amidst the Napoleonic Wars and of the Revolutionary France, this game asks you to guide the fate of two brothers and of the world right in The Frankenstein Wars for your iPhone. This game is a storytelling through a branching, non linear approach. There are 8 interactive maps to explore, decide if the brothers are allies or traitors to the cause, time sensitive goals and storylines, ever shifting goals, make decisions based on the weather, a soundtrack that is immersive with a classical touch, original illustrations by Rafater and more.

This game is not your traditional ans customary gamebook and that you can play it for $3.99.

The fate of humanity rests in the hands of 2 brothers in The Frankenstein Wars for iPhone.

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