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Be mind blown with The Fourth Dimension for iPhone.

What is the 4th dimension? Scientists and mathematicians like Jean le Rond d'Alembert, Josepth-Louis Lagrange, Berhard Riemann, Charles Howard Hinton and even Albert Einstein have attempted to grasped and explain what is the 4th Dimension is all about.

Simply put, it is a mathematical extension on the concept of 3D space. And since it involves math, it can be a difficult to understand.

The Fourth Dimension
explains this singular mathematical idea in a way that everyone can understand right in your iPhone.

This app is a 30 page interactive book that uses of a unique 3D touch interface instead of canned videos and static images. Be blown away as you see how this equation works and learn all about it right in your hands. You get to move the shapes as well.

Learn in a more visual way with this app.

Learn with this app for $2.99.

The 4th Dimension explained with The Fourth Dimension for iPhone.

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