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About The Coma: Cutting Class

School is in session at night in The Coma: Cutting Class for iPhone.

Someone has died in your school yet classes and your test still goes on. As you have fallen asleep on your test and wake up still at school at night, you discover that your school has nightmares that you must survive from in The Coma: Cutting Class for iPhone.

A Korean survival-horror adventure game taht takes place in a school full of secrets and dangerous encounters. There may be a killer on your tail as well as the nightmarish mystery that you must solve as you try to escape school. You have a backpack that is literally keeping you alive. As it has limited space, you must be smart on what to place in it if you want to survive.

Your stamina will be depleted as you crouch and hold your breath, listen to the footsteps of the killer, discover notes and clues, use maps and explore the school carefully.

You can play this game with and without an internet access.

Go to school and survive for $4.99.

Survive school in The Coma: Cutting Class for iPhone. 

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